Polyp Traps


Suction polyp traps are aspiration containers for collecting separated polyps that are intended for further histological examination. They are equipped with 4 separate polyp collection chambers inside. The flexible, tight-fitting lid is provided with two nozzles, each of which has a suction hose attached.

  • 4 marked chambers for collecting
  • 4 passage chambers for suction
  • flexible lid for sealing

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Suction Polyp TrapTM

For polyp collection after excision, sealable for transportation

Catalogue No. Description
900334H 4 separated penetrable cham- bers to collect and store polyps in different sections, 4 open areas for straight unfiltered suction, 2 connection hoses at the lid


Instructions for Use - Suction Polyp Trap SU

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Leaflet Colonoscopy Accessories - Single Use

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