• tube diameter 6 Fr.
  • distally conical metal head (diathermy head)
  • working length 180 cm
  • proximal HF connector
  • working channels from 2.8 mm diameter

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Cysto-Gastro-Set / Cystotome **, ***

With diathermic tip

Catalogue No. Description Working Length (cm) Catheter Outer Diameter (French) Compatible Guide Wire (inch)
E30006345 1 HF-Connector 180 6 .035


** Drainage
After access to the identified pseudocyst appropriate stents can be placed over the guide wire to facilitate drainage from the cyst to either the stomach or the duodenum.

*** Fr. Type 6
Specifically designed for smaller working channels, the Fr. 6 Cystotome has a diathermic metal tip on the Fr. 6 catheter and one HF connector only. It is advanced over a .035” guide wire to the transgastric or transduodenal wall directly.

Instructions for Use - Cysto-Gastro-Sets SU

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Leaflet Cysto-Gastro Sets - Single Use

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