Biopsy Valves


ENDO-FLEX biopsy valves for protection of the biopsy / suction channel inlet of a gastrointestinal endoscope. It enables the introduction and exchange of endoscopic instruments and supports the maintenance of insufflation. Leaks from the biopsy channel inlet during gastrointestinal endoscopy can be avoided.

  • without lubricant
  • no post-processing
  • manual cleaning is not required
  • protection against unwanted splashing of secretions and rinsing liquids

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More Information

Biopsy Valve – Standard

Individually packed in a dispenser

Catalogue No. Suitable for Endoscope-Type Colour Packing Unit (pcs.)
ZB0120 PENTAX Red 100

Biopsy Valve Sets

Catalogue No. Sales Unit Compatible for
EVS-04-00-001 Box of 50 Olympus
EVS-04-00-002 Box of 50 Fujinon
EVS-04-00-003 Box of 50 Pentax

Instructions for Use - Biopsy Valves without flushing channel SU

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Leaflet Valve Sets Endoscope

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